Understanding What We Do

Hi WELCOME to 1000 Churches!

Hi, I wanted to takeĀ a few minutes today and tell you about why we are here in what we do. As you may know 1000 churches.org has been around for quite a few years however we more clearly our focus on our mission and methods then perhaps we have ever been in our existence.

Our mission is to empower and enable churches pastors and church leaders with the most effective methodology to help them spread the gospel. In a nutshell we’re about helping you be better.

We are specifically targeting small to medium-size churches. So many times the methods resources and costs associated with implementing new methods is geared toward large searches with a large budget.

We understand the difficulties that can bring to a small church with a small congregation and a small budget. So we are you especially considerate of where you are now. That does not mean that we don’t see you rolling significantly as we work together.

Some of the resources we have here in fact many of the resources we have here will be free for you. However other resources will have nominal costs associated so that we can continue to operate in excellence. We are not out to strip you of all your money. However, we know that people value what they invest in more so than what they receive for free.

It is important that you talk to us and let us know what you are most in need of for your ministry and for your personal development. We love you and want to see you do good.

Until next time ….

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