6 Ways To Reach More People With Your Church Website



Your website is your new front door. It’s important that your website is easy to understand and provides easy-to-find information for your guests and visitors. Be sure to include these items CLEARLY on your homepage:

1. Services Times – include whether you provide children’s ministry or nursery at each service.

2. Location – include the address, at minimum, or a link to Google maps.

3. What to Expect – explain how long your service is, what people wear, when are children’s services available (each service?), and take an opportunity to share your mission & vision. If you want to get into details of your theological beliefs, there can be another page devoted to that – it doesn’t need to be on the homepage.

4. Information on Kids’ ministry – do you have the ability to check-in online, do you provide safe areas for their kids to learn, how do you break up your kids classes, where do families need to go once they arrive at your building?

5. Contact Information – phone number and a monitored email is sufficient.

6. Have the “why” behind your Church and culture easily view-able


Six ways