7 Questions To Ask Before You Preach

Francis Chan: 7 Questions To Ask Before You Preach This message appears as a chapter in Thinking. Loving. Doing: A Call to Glorify God with Heart & Mind (https://amzn.to/2IW0gMR).  It highlighted the importance of loving the people to whom he preaches. He mentioned seven questions that he asks himself in preparing to preach. 1. Am I … Continue reading 7 Questions To Ask Before You Preach

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My thoughts on Aretha Franklin’s funeral

My thoughts on Aretha Franklin's funeral Time:  Too Long Ariana Grande: There's no way of knowing if she has ever had any experience with church, especially black church. We cannot assume that her home training is the same as most of our home training has been. Many denominations don't have the dress code limitations that exist in many black churches. For instance, It is not uncommon for Catholics to wear a mini-skirt and then cover their head with a handkerchief. What could have been a teaching moment has been more of a criticizing moment. We need to learn how to love folks that are different from us more than we do. Overall, like many of the other participants, she was never there to WORSHIP in the first place.