Motivation with A Pre-Church Huddle


A few years ago our team attended a conference at Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. The preaching was fantastic. The breakouts were hit and miss. But there’s one idea that we came away with that we really liked and continue to use today.

It was this idea of a pre-service huddle. Now this may not work for every church, but I think there are more than a few out there that this could benefit.

First, let me explain what it is. The huddle is a short meeting involving a small group of people who share information.

My church has three huddles every Sunday morning that happen at relatively the same time before services begin. One involves the pastor and worship team, one involves the kids’ ministry leaders, and one involves the guest services leaders.

You could set yours up however you want.

The purpose of the huddle will help you decide who needs to be a part of it. It has three parts. …

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