8 Common Characteristics of Successful Church Revitalizations

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  1. The pastor formed an alliance of key influencers in the church
  2. The influencers made a commitment to pray daily for revitalization
  3. The church made a commitment to look like the community
  4. The church boldly confronted the issue of sacred cows
  5. Leadership developed a clear and compelling vision
  6. Leadership communicated a sense of urgency
  7. The pastor was willing to endure a season of intense criticism
  8. The leadership of the church was willing to let go of members

Some highlights from today’s Report:

  • When you listen to members in the church, you build trust that can help you lead more effectively.
  • Successful revitalization often doesn’t place until the church decides it must look more like the community.
  • Churches need to do away with the idolatry of sacred cows.
  • Your church needs to have a clear and compelling vision.